Week in Review, or FY 2014 Budget - The Sequel

April 15th 2013  |  Week in Review

On Wednesday April 10th, the President delivered his FY 2014 budget request to Congress. You may recall that this delivery normally takes place the first week of February, but has been delayed this year due to uncertainties surrounding the “fiscal cliff” deal and sequestration, the across-the-board spending cuts that kicked in back on March 1st. [...]

Week in Review, or Moving Forward with FY 2013

March 25th 2013  |  Week in Review

We will be taking a cue from Congress and enjoying a recess of our own over the next two weeks. Follow NSP on Twitter (@NEWSciPol), and keep an eye out for the next Week in Review on April 8th. After what has been a very busy few weeks with members of Congress and the President [...]

Week in Review, or Summer Stagnation

July 16th 2012  |  Week in Review

While Congress busied itself last week with behind-the-scenes work on the farm bill, job creation measures, and—in the House—voting to repeal health care reform, FY 2013 spending bills continued to sit. CQ reported on Tuesday that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) stated it would be very unlikely that the Senate would consider any of [...]

Week in Review, or Budget Resolve

March 19th 2012  |  Week in Review

With the House in recess last week, work continued behind the scenes to draft the FY 2013 budget resolution which is expected to be marked up this week.  CQ reports that this budget resolution will likely come in about $20 less than the top-line number agreed to in the Budget Control Act and currently being [...]

Week in Review, or Widening the Gap

March 12th 2012  |  Week in Review

Both the House and Senate were in session last week, with their attention largely focused on passing the JOBS Act and continuing to debate the contentious transportation bill. On the appropriations front, as reported last week, House Republicans have been mulling over enacting a top-line spending number for FY 2013 that is less than what [...]

Week in Review, or Requesting Research

February 20th 2012  |  Week in Review

A week ago today, the President delivered his FY 2013 budget request to Congress. The overall budget request is $3.8 trillion, which takes into account the $1.047 trillion cap on domestic spending as agreed to in the Budget Control Act. Included in this overall number is $64 billion for basic and applied research, a 3.3 [...]

Week in Review, or Awaiting the Budget

February 13th 2012  |  Week in Review

The President is scheduled to deliver his FY 2013 budget request to Congress later this morning, kicking off a flurry of activity as the package is scrutinized for insight into Presidential priorities. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) R&D Budget and Policy Program provides a list of individual research agency budget briefs [...]

Week in Review, or Wrapping It Up

November 21st 2011  |  Week in Review

It was a big week for research on Capitol Hill, as most members of Congress wrapped up their business before the Thanksgiving holiday.  The House passed and the President signed the first FY 2012 “minibus” spending bill. This bill provides funding for research at the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Standards and [...]

Week in Review, or Hanging in the Balance

September 26th 2011  |  Week in Review

Last week started out on a positive note on Capitol Hill, with more Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 appropriations (spending) bills scheduled to move forward, but ended up in another political stalemate that could lead to a government shutdown on Friday. First, the positive. After last week’s activities, the Senate and House Appropriations Committees have now [...]

Week in Review, or Riding the Roller Coaster

July 25th 2011  |  Week in Review

As the debt limit roller coaster continued last week, the House quietly  passed the FY 2012 Legislative Branch spending bill (no research funding in there), and House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) announced that consideration of the last two FY 2012 spending bills—Labor-Health-HHS (including National Institutes of Health (NIH)) and State-Foreign Operations—would be put [...]