Week in Review, or FY 2014 Budget - The Sequel

April 15th 2013  |  Week in Review

On Wednesday April 10th, the President delivered his FY 2014 budget request to Congress. You may recall that this delivery normally takes place the first week of February, but has been delayed this year due to uncertainties surrounding the “fiscal cliff” deal and sequestration, the across-the-board spending cuts that kicked in back on March 1st. [...]

Week in Review, or First of the Fiscal Year

October 1st 2012  |  Week in Review

On this, the first official day of Fiscal Year 2013, most political action has moved outside the beltway as members of Congress and the Administration prepare for the November election.  Last week in Washington, however, the President signed the continuing resolution (CR), which will allow the government to continue functioning from today through March 2013 [...]

Week in Review, or Election Evacuation

September 24th 2012  |  Week in Review

Members of Congress left Washington late last week, not to return until after the elections in mid-November. Although the official Congressional schedule planned for another week in session, it became clear last week that both chambers would recess early to allow more time for campaigning back home. Before departing on Saturday, the Senate passed the [...]

Week in Review, or Contemplating the Cliff

July 23rd 2012  |  Week in Review

Speculation continued last week in Washington on what effects the “fiscal cliff” might have, when spending cuts (a.k.a. sequestration), the expiration of certain tax cuts, and the FY 2013 appropriations process collide at the end of the year. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve appeared before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee with [...]

Weeks in Review, or Spring has Sprung

April 16th 2012  |  Week in Review

It’s been lovely and quiet in Washington, with schools on spring break, Congress in recess, and the cherry blossoms already come and gone. When both chambers return to the capitol this week, they will continue on with the appropriations process, despite the looming election impasse expected later in the year. Contrary to previous reports, CQ [...]

Week in Review, or Slowly Starting 2012

January 23rd 2012  |  Week in Review

It was a quiet week in Washington, not surprisingly since most of the political action seemed to be taking place in  Iowa and South Carolina! I erroneously reported in my last posting that the House was going to be in session last week, when in fact both chambers were still essentially in recess. The Senate [...]

Month in Review, or Year in Preview

January 16th 2012  |  Week in Review

As Washington slowly wakes up from its holiday nap, I find myself looking forward to the year ahead. The relief of finally having the FY 2012 appropriations cycle completed—on a positive note for research funding—will be short-lived, as the President readies to give his State of the Union on January 24th and to deliver his [...]

Week in Review, or Repealing Recess

July 5th 2011  |  Week in Review

Members of the House of Representatives spent last week in their home states during the House’s district work period. The Senate was in session, holding its first Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Appropriations Committee markup (Military Construction/Veterans Affairs) and addressing a number of pending nominations. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND) also announced that Democrats [...]

Week in Review, or Finding Middle Ground through Golf

June 20th 2011  |  Week in Review

The House continued its progress last week on the Fiscal Year (2012) appropriations process, with the House passing the agriculture and military construction/veterans affairs bills. The full House Appropriations Committee also reported out two spending bills—defense and energy and water—making them ready for floor action in the next few weeks (more details on research funding [...]

Week in Review, or Regarding Research Reductions

June 6th 2011  |  Week in Review

The Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 appropriations process moved forward in the House of Representatives this week, with the full chamber passing the Homeland Security bill, the full Appropriations Committee passing the Agriculture bill, and the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee passing its bill. Each of these bills included varying degrees of cuts to research [...]