Week in Review, or Politicizing Science

May 6th 2013  |  Week in Review

In betwixt ongoing budget battles, and even during recess break, research continued to get politicized this week with House Science Committee Chair Lamar Smith again vocal in his bid to overhaul the peer review process at NSF. On Monday, Chairman Smith released the text of the draft bill — the High Quality Research Act. As [...]

Week in Review, or First of the Fiscal Year

October 1st 2012  |  Week in Review

On this, the first official day of Fiscal Year 2013, most political action has moved outside the beltway as members of Congress and the Administration prepare for the November election.  Last week in Washington, however, the President signed the continuing resolution (CR), which will allow the government to continue functioning from today through March 2013 [...]

Week in Review, or Election Evacuation

September 24th 2012  |  Week in Review

Members of Congress left Washington late last week, not to return until after the elections in mid-November. Although the official Congressional schedule planned for another week in session, it became clear last week that both chambers would recess early to allow more time for campaigning back home. Before departing on Saturday, the Senate passed the [...]

Week in Review, or Suggesting a Short-Term Solution

May 20th 2012  |  Week in Review

The specter of an overwhelming lame duck session became a bit less scary this week, as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle suggested that, instead of finding a “go big” solution to the major problems facing the Congress in November (e.g., extension of tax cuts, raising the debt ceiling, “fixing” sequestration, and completing FY [...]

Week in Review, or Have I Got an Idea for You

October 24th 2011  |  Week in Review

The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction is busy sorting through over 180,000 letters they have reportedly received from members of Congress, advocacy groups, and the general public offering ideas on how to reduce the deficit. While October 14th was the official deadline for Congressional committees to submit their recommendations, the letters continue to roll [...]

Week in Review, or Hailing Hammurabi

June 13th 2011  |  Week in Review  |  1 Comment

Last week was quiet on the appropriations front, with the House of Representatives in recess and the Senate inching along on FY 2012 consideration, while calls to increase the debt limit and reduce the deficit continued to drown out most progress in Washington. Both House and Senate Republicans expressed support for a call by Speaker [...]

Week in Review, or Hitting the Ceiling

May 23rd 2011  |  Week in Review

Note to readers: In an effort to make this blog a bit more user friendly for those not living and breathing science policy, I’ve included some explanatory statements in the text, and created a glossary to provide simple definitions of some commonly used terms. I’ve also instituted subheadings for ease of skimming. Lastly, look for [...]

Week in Review, or Research and the Royals

May 2nd 2011  |  Week in Review

It was another quiet week in Washington, which allowed for plenty of time to anticipate the royal wedding that took place on Friday in London. Some highly scientific research conducted by The Telegraph revealed the most joyous moments of the spectacle, as experienced by both men and women. For those of us watching on the [...]

Week in Review and Return of the Cherry Blossoms!

April 4th 2011  |  Week in Review

State of Play The cherry blossoms returned to Washington last week, along with members of Congress after their spring recess.  While negotiations on federal spending levels continued, Democrats and Republicans appeared to be coalescing around a spending bill with $33 billion in cuts from current levels, much less than the $61 billion in cuts included [...]

Week in Review, or Crisis Averted (for now!)

March 7th 2011  |  Week in Review

State of Play The looming March 4th deadline for a potential government shutdown was delayed by two weeks when the President signed a short-term continuing resolution (CR) Wednesday that would fund the government through March 18th. This CR satisfied both Democrats and Republicans by including over $4 billion in spending cuts from current levels, with most [...]