Week in Review, or Going Nuclear

November 25th 2013  |  Week in Review

Happy Thanksgiving! Both Chambers are in recess this week and NEWSciencePolicy will be taking next weekend off. Keep an eye out for our next Week in Review update on December 9th. Washington wonks are reeling from a vote in the Senate on Thursday that would reduce the threshold of votes needed to overcome a filibuster […]

Week in Review, or Hanging in the Balance

October 14th 2013  |  Week in Review

We are about to enter the third week of the government shutdown and ongoing issues associated with lagging federal reimbursements and furloughed staff across the country are starting to sting. The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing on The Impacts of the Government Shutdown on Our Economic Security on Friday. The […]

Week in Review, or Steering Clear of a Shutdown

September 23rd 2013  |  Week in Review

With just over a week to go before the beginning of the next fiscal year, the House on Friday passed a short-term FY 2014 continuing resolution (CR) that would keep the government funded at FY 2013 levels (about $988 million) through mid-December. Also included in the bill, however, was a provision that would defund The […]

Week in Review, or Starting Off Easy

June 10th 2013  |  Week in Review

The House passed its first two FY 2014 spending bills last week, the Military Construction/Veterans Affairs  and Homeland Security bills, each with a significant increase over FY 2013 post-sequestration funding levels. The House Appropriations Committee also released and passed out of subcommittee two additional FY 2014 spending bills for the Department of Defense (DoD) and […]

Week in Review, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sequester

February 25th 2013  |  Week in Review

From all indications last week, Congress will not act to postpone the sequester currently on schedule to go into effect in less than 100 hours on March 1st. Instead, members seem to be hedging bets on the constituent response to what has been called on both sides of the aisle a “poison pill”. The strategy […]

Week in Review, or Super Bowl Surprise

February 4th 2013  |  Week in Review

Fans and players enjoying the Super Bowl last night were caught by surprise early in the third quarter when half of the electricity in the New Orleans Superdome went out. While waiting for the power to come power back on, I had my eye on Twitter, which was flooded almost immediately with tweets about improving […]

Week in Review, or Examining Energy

June 4th 2012  |  Week in Review

The Senate continued its Memorial Day recess last week, but the House returned mid-week for two days of activity. During that short time, the House debated the FY 2013 spending bills for Military Construction/Veterans Affairs (which ultimately passed) and Energy and Water. The debate on Energy and Water, which funds research programs at the Department […]

Week in Review, or Dragon Docking

May 29th 2012  |  Week in Review  |  1 Comment

I was sitting in a public meeting of the Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) on Friday when the big screen shifted from the standard Powerpoint deck to CNN. We watched live as the Dragon spacecraft connected with the International Space Station, representing the first feat of its kind by a commercially […]

Week in Review, or Have I Got an Idea for You

October 24th 2011  |  Week in Review

The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction is busy sorting through over 180,000 letters they have reportedly received from members of Congress, advocacy groups, and the general public offering ideas on how to reduce the deficit. While October 14th was the official deadline for Congressional committees to submit their recommendations, the letters continue to roll […]

Week in Review, or Wheels in the Sky

July 18th 2011  |  Week in Review

The House had a productive week in the appropriations arena, with the full Appropriations Committee reporting out the FY 2012 Commerce, Science, and Justice and Interior-Environment spending bills and the House passing the FY 2012 Energy and Water spending bill (more below). The Senate is still holding off on moving the majority of their spending […]